Solicitors Insurance

The solicitor professional indemnity market is one of the most sought after areas of insurance in the broker community, primarily because the average premiums are higher than in any other industry sectors. We are more than happy to cater for any professional indemnity enquiries and have some very useful connections. However, when we refer to the legal profession, the professional indemnity cover is not our primary focus. Instead our attention is geared very much to the actual office contract.

Unlike other clerical services, as a solicitor, you operate slightly differently with the result that cover under a standard office contract may not go far enough in truly protecting you.

For example, ask yourself;

As your basis of revenue is on billable hours would a policy showing just loss of revenue really work?, Would deeds and documents be covered? etc..

We can provide you with a solution which will work. In conjunction with a Sterling Insurance we can offer an office policy which will give you the cover you need.

The main extensions of cover are:

  • automatic worldwide contents
  • £5,000,000 PL/PRODUCTS as standard
  • AGM/Conference cancellation
  • full theft
  • equipment breakdown cover
  • failure of supply
More features of our cover include:

Deeds and Documents

£250,000 of cover at the premises or at any storage site within the territorial limits.

Billable Hours

Included within the definition of gross revenue and provides an alternative solution to short terms losses.

loss Prevention Expenditure

Up to £500 towards post loss improvements following a theft or attempted theft.

Non Damage Prevention Of Access

£25,000 non damage prevention of access following an event that could endanger human life or property.

Key Personnel

£50,000 loss of revenue following the death or disablement of a principal, partner or senior executive caused by violent or accidental means.

Property In The Course Of Conveyancing

Automatic cover of up to 250,000 for residential properties in the course of conveyance in between exchange and completion.

Name Plates

£2,500 towards the cost of replacing the office name plates following damage.

Theft By Employee

An optional cover to indemnify the insured for loss of money or goods caused by employee theft.

Flexible Limit Of Loss

An optional cover suited to an insured who cannot, as yet, be persuaded to buy full revenue cover but who is, or may be, exposed to a potential loss in that area.

Increased Limits

  • Exhibition cover, Theft of the Fixed Fabric and Landscaping Costs now £50,000
  • Theft of Keys, Tobacco and Alcohol now £5,000
  • Works of Art and Curios now £50,000
  • Computer Equipment under Equipment
  • Breakdown now £500,000 and includes portable equipment
  • Fraudulent use of Credit Cards now £5,000
  • Personal Accident/Assault extension now £25,000Prevention of Access now £250,000
  • Failure of Supply, Deeds and Documents and Compulsory Closure extensions now £100,000

Increased Capacity

An excess layer facility that allows Sterling to accommodate larger business interruption exposures up to £30,000,000

There is another product on the market which can give similar extensions but that contract carries a hefty price tag and their premium starts at £5,000.

Sterling, however, wish to compete across the board and their premiums are on par with normal office policies and start from as low as £250.