High Risk Liability Insurance

Over the last year we have developed new facilities for companies that are involved in occupations considered to be of a higher than normal risk. In particular we concentrate on scaffolding, roofing and structural steel contractors. In addition if you are accredited to a body or a member of a national organisation such as the National Association of Scaffolding Contractors (NASC), the insurer is able to provide more favourable terms.

Furthermore our facilities are with A rated companies thereby providing you with my security than some of the other insurers operating in this market. We also have the knowledge and experience to cater for uncommon liability insurance enquiries such as product safety critical liability and environmental liability exposures.

Environmental Liability is arguably the most complicated insurance exposure to understand, primarily because the requirements for the cover stem from a rapidly introduced EC Directive in 2010. In our experience most brokers bypass the subject and do not make their clients aware of their exposures. If you would like more information please contact us.